Nando Gevers

Commercial Director
Copernica Marketing Software

“I had the pleasure of working with Harm as strategic partners. He is an exceptional professional who consistently demonstrates a keen understanding of business dynamics and a remarkable ability to identify and capitalize on commercial opportunities.

He is a pleasure to work with, always maintaining a positive and approachable demeanor. Harm’s friendly and engaging nature contributes to a collaborative atmosphere, making communication seamless and effective.

I have no doubt that Harm will excel in his next endeavor just as he has in our partnership. His track record of success, combined with his drive and approachability, positions him as a standout professional. It was a pleasure working with Harm, and I am confident that he will continue to achieve great things in his career.”

Diederik Smit

Sales Manager

“Working with Harm is an absolute pleasure. Besides his commercial mindset, creativeness and good humor he is given a lot of responsibility and trust to the people that are reporting directly to him.

I experienced Harm as a CRO/ CEO who is able to give direction to the organization by sharing a clear vision on how to move forward and what needs to be done in order to collectively reach the companies goals (supported by relevant data analysis).

Most important is that Harm is approachable, always open for feedback and recognizes situations where he needs to support you. In my opinion Harm is an added value for every organization who is looking for an ambitious, hard working and likeable person.”

Uriel Ballast

CCO and Co-Founder
AdCurve (Shop2market)

“Harm is a very sales minded professional with a clear eye on the customer’s needs and wants. He knows how to balance the customer’s and the organisation’s interests. He is thorough and he knows how to keep promises.

But most of all, Harm is a very likeable person and a joy to have in the team.”

Laurens Bushoff

AdCurve (Shop2market)

“I know Harm as a very skilled, sales minded, professional. He combines a friendly and enthusiastic appearance with excellent negotiation skills. He is able to listen to customers and to translate their needs into a proposal that fits. He has a disciplined and structured way of working.

Harm is focused on closing the deal without becoming a pain in the ass to customers. His hands-on and result driven approach is very efficient and effective. He is a very nice and appreciated colleague to work with. I look forward working with Harm again in future endeavors.”

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