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15+ Years of Experience IN ACHIEVING

Commercial results

I provide interim- and freelance services within the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry

Harm Jansen

  • Commercial management professional.
  • Track record & network in e-commerce, media- and marketing agencies.
  • Experienced in leading (commercial) teams.
  • Keywords: SaaS platforms, display, online marketing, conversion attribution, programmatic advertising, marketing automation, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Google Marketing Platform (GMP), Data Management Platform (DMP), Customer Data Platform (CDP), personalization.
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Interim Leadership

The need for experienced leadership can arise unexpectedly in the fast-paced business world. Whether you need a General-, Commercial- or Sales Manager temporarily, Jansen Commercial Management has the expertise to ensure your continued success.

Change Management

Effective (commercial) change management is crucial for success, whether you're implementing new processes, undergoing a restructuring, or adapting to market shifts. At Jansen Commercial Services, we guide businesses through transformative periods, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Project Management

At Jansen Commercial Management, we understand businesses' unique commercial challenges when undertaking projects, whether related to product launches, system implementations, or process improvements. Ensure the success of your commercial projects with Jansen Commercial Management at the helm.


"Harm is an exceptional professional who consistently demonstrates a keen understanding of business dynamics and a remarkable ability to identify and capitalize on commercial opportunities."
"Working with Harm is an absolute pleasure. Besides his commercial mindset, creativeness and good humor he is given a lot of responsibility and trust to the people that are reporting directly to him."
"Harm is a very sales minded professional with a clear eye on the customer's needs and wants. He knows how to balance the customer's and the organization's interests."
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